Mr. Green Part 2
Set three years after Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron,
So This Is My Family - Mr. Green Part 2 introduces
two new characters.
"After Visites a Mister Green, the American author Jeff
Baron offers the public the opportunity to revisit the
two characters who met despite themselves a few years
ago after an unfortunate and fortunate accident.
Jacques Boudet masterfully plays an old New York
Jew who is now 90 years old, and Thomas Joussier,
touching and tender in a dynamic new amorous
situation, is at the same high level. The audience
witnesses once again a great moment of theater. The
silence of the room is elegant ... the emotion is constant.

To this wonderful duet are added two new characters,
the granddaughter of Mr. Green, freshly and finely
interpreted by Sandra Rosinsky, and Chris, the
boyfriend of Ross played by Sebastien Chartrier, lively
and funny.

The quartet plays a colorful musical score - the
characters love each other, hate each other, jostle each
other, and we reach every degree of emotion. The
play, full of twists, invites the public to reflect on
religion, open-mindedness, morality, paternity, freedom
of thought and the power of human connection. The
emotional public won't stop applauding, and would
happily continue to share the life of these very engaging
characters. - Vaucluse Matin
After three years, where are the relations today between Mister Green, this 90-year-old man, and Ross, the
young dynamic executive with whom, from a chance encounter, he developed a friendship by choice?

Well, they're still friends. Ross makes regular visits to Mister Green, caring for him as he would a beloved
relative. Of course, in three years, life has changed and everyone's bearings changed.

This second opus tells us with passion the clashes and misfortunes of their current life, which take place in this
incredibly tender climate, where affection colors every moment, and where black humor bathes the retorts and
situations of its funny and delicious devastations.

Two new characters come to disturb the course of events, bringing with them new adventures that give the
opportunity to ask more pointed questions.

Is the adoption of a child a right for everyone? Does religious belief prevent open mindedness to other ways of
life, to other ethical choices? Can the quest for freedom to think and act, transcend the shackles of the codes of
religion and morality?

The adaptation and production by Thomas Joussier, as for the first opus, creates a permanently warm and
affectionate atmosphere, allowing the tragic to become moving without excess, just enough to accompany the
new developments. The story lines that come together are tender and funny.

The great actor Jacques Boudet is superb and endearing, dazzling in his natural and precise performance. A
Mister Green as we would all like to know. Thomas Joussier portrays a pleasant Ross, who whether friend or
lover, has a touching sincerity.

Sébastien Chartier's and Sandra Rosinsky's characters jostle the very complementary duo we knew. Both bring
spice to the meal (kosher, no worries!) and a grain of sand in the wheels (not kosher) with a commitment that is
credible and charming. It is a beautiful team!

A new piece that sails on the same waves as the first, but this time, the sea is more agitated and the storm bursts.

An agreeable show, crossed by emotions and very well played. A fine moment of theater.

Frédéric Perez, Spectatif - July 21, 2018
Here he is again, Mister Green and his 90
well-lived years, being looked after day to day
by young Ross, who accidentally knocked him
down in New York. A real friendship binds the
two men, who have learned to discover
themselves, the old Jewish hermit with his family
secrets and modest coquetries, the young man
with his humanity, his secular look at religion
and his gay love for the nurse who cares for the
old man. When a young girl who looks a lot like
his late wife arrives, Mister Green falls into a
tsunami of conflicting emotions, and so do we. A
continuation of "Visiting Mister Green"
presented last season, this show, adapted by
Thomas Joussier from Jeff Baron's play in world
premiere, is a feast of intelligence and finesse,
interpreted in a delicious way by a team of
which Jacques Boudet superbly assumes the title
role. Great.  - Hélène Kuttner, Artistikrezo
Visiting Mr. Green
In France, Retour Chez
Mr. Green
, played every
other day with
Visiting Mr.
to sold out houses
and critical acclaim at the
2018 Avignon Theatre
Festival, and toured in 2019.
In The Netherlands, the
great Bram van der Vlugt
will star in
Mr. Green Then
and Now
, an evening that
combines Visiting Mr.
Green and the new Mr.
Green play.  Details soon.
So This Is My Family - Mr. Green Part 2
Summer Readings in the United States

July 12 -  Berkshire Theatre Festival
New York City - details soon
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